Web Clients

HandlebarMoustacheLife.com is my own project and has been a great success for being in such a small niche interest area. It gets between 5000 and 7000 unique visitors each month, and during “Movember” it topped 10,000 visitors from all over the world. It includes a survey form that sends the results to the site owner, image feeds from Flickr, embedded videos, a world visitor map. The WordPress theme was created by Star Father Design.
next in the west news web site sedona Nextinthewest.com is a sophisticated online magazine site with an event calendar/directory using customized software. Several modifications and enhancements were made to the original theme to improve appearance and function.
Proactive Wellness Solutions web site image proactivewellnesssolutions.com – This is a complex site for a health concierge service on the web. It includes paid membership access with restricted pages, an online services catalog/shop, reward coupon system and a custom plugin for tracking support calls.
knitforbrainsscreen400 Knitforbrains.net is a craft-oriented project with a custom WordPress theme was created by Star Father Design.
drummersworkshop400opt drummers-workshop.com – This site is for a professional drummer and drum instructor Mark Kimpton of Las Vegas. Set up in the summer of 2013 it includes a blog and will have an online shop where he will be selling some of his excess percussion equipment.
global globalpipesanddrums.com – An online community site for a niche music genre. It uses the WordPress plugin called BuddyPress, including many interesting and powerful features.
livinginfocusnew livinginfocus.net – An author’s blog for inspirational and spiritual insights. It uses WordPress and a modified theme.