Your Web Site

Your Web Site

We will set up the full WordPress installation for you on a reliable host and be sure you get the latest version.

How many pages can you have? As many as you like, because after basic setup you can add pages and blog posts yourself. There is no limit. I will set you up with your core pages – or more if you need help, but I will also show you how you can easily update and add more site content yourself.

“But I don’t want a blog. I want a web site.” You can have your site be one or the other or both, and your home page can be set up in a variety of ways. Many sites have blog sections where owners can keep their public updated and informed about products and services.
The Look and Feel of Your Site – What will it look like? There are thousands of free and premium themes for WordPress. I have some that I favor, but we can work with whatever we find you like, and you will further benefit from my advice as to the suitability of themes that catch your attention. Once we find one that works well and looks good, I can make further modifications with CSS style overrides to change things a bit more to meet your needs.

We favor a collection of 80 premium WordPress themes from that offer a high degree of sophistication and which can be modified and configured in a wide variety of ways. If you visit that site, keep in mind that all images and colors, background and much of the arrangement of the page features can be changed to suit your needs. Look at them – and any theme – for functionality of the different areas of the pages and demo installations. We can use them as an excellent basis for your site, which may end up looking significantly different if needed.

Remember, you may also use of any other WordPress theme obtained elsewhere for free or at additional cost from other theme sites, with many modifications also possible by Star Father Design.

Many Features Available

You can accomplish amazing things with plugins for WordPress. The core purpose and functionality of your web site may involve the use of various plugins available for WordPress for free or for a fee if required. Your site designer will research and test plugins that will fill your needs, and will obtain paid outsourced modifications if required by you. Also, any plugin will get needed CSS style modifications to be visually incorporated with your chosen theme harmoniously.

Plugins include calendars, directories, video and audio players, galleries, slideshows, ecommerce, language translations, classifieds, newsletters, forums and more, along with minor plugins that improve various features or enable special layouts and features. Finding the right ones can be a challenge, and some of them are really great – and free, to boot! I will help you find and test those that will do what you need if I don’t already know.

  • eCommerce – We can also install an online store in your web site, with options for various shipping service integration, payment options and other useful features. Some premium themes are not as ecommerce friendly and may require a secondary installation with a theme clone.
  • You can also configure expiration of each article if you have limited time offers or scheduled or holiday related events.
  • It’s also possible to have member restricted areas of your web site or even of certain posts and pages, allowing you to charge for membership or expanded access to content.
  • Comments functionality can be allowed or blocked of you don’t want comments cluttering your business site.
  • Social networking buttons for sharing events, including Twitter, Facebook and others.
  • We can include Google maps to events or business locations.
  • Backup plugin configured with Dropbox and scheduled site back ups. 
  • SEO (search engine optimization) plugin’s configured. 
  • Lazy Load plugin – loads images only as visitors scroll down the page, saving page load time. 
  • Favicon for your site – this is the tiny icon many web sites have for browser addresses and bookmarks. 
  • Automatic Tweet of new listings and posts on publication.
  • Google XML sitemaps configured and Google Analytics set up to you know your traffic stats, with traffic graphing app in administrator Dashboard of the back end so you can see your traffic.
  • Anti-spam plugins configured.
  • Google translation plugin if desired to render your site in any of several dozen languages.
  • Rotating advertising banners can be placed appropriately depending on the actual WordPress theme used, if desired.
  • Easy video embedding by the admin. 
  • Print-friendly function on front end for events. 
  • Training on administering the functions of the site including written instructions, how to and “don’t do” list.

All this may sound complex, and yes, the more you add, the more you will want to learn, but most of the above needs no attention by you at all. We will set things up so you can handle it easily. Call or write for more information.