Our Services

peopleinbookstoreFotolia_21407588_XS copy_e500hStar Father Design provides the following services for authors:

Print edition design and layout

Your book will be prepared for printing according to the requirements of your chosen printer. Interior design will match your chosen example or specifications.

Cover design for print and ebooks

There are two levels of cover design – simple and enhanced. We can work with inspiration based on other book covers you like and your own unique vision. Basic covers include one image provided by you with appropriate back and front text in fonts you have chosen. Deluxe covers include more input from us with suggested images appropriate for your title from stock image sites, the addition of image effects and more creative application of cover fonts. With each you will receive three rounds of proofs.

Ebook preparation and design for Smashwords publishing

Ebooks are a very important part of getting your book in the hands – or tablets – of readers. Print is wonderful to have, yet ebooks are a huge part of the market and should not be ignored. Profit margin is larger, delivery is instant, access is everywhere the reader has an electronic device. Some people aren’t so sure about ebooks, but try a few and you will be hooked as much as for print books. Maybe more. You need your book as an ebook.

iBook design and layout for the iBookstore

iBooks are a different animal. They have more advanced layout options and can even include audio, video and animations. They only read on Apple devices at present, but that is a large portion of the market. This is a good idea if your book can benefit from multimedia.

Man Holding Touch Screen Device Showing An E-bookKindle/Amazon.com file preparation

Amazon provides conversion services for a fee. We meet that fee and add personal attention to your needs, as well as familiarity with your project as a whole. Yes, you can do it yourself, but we’ve seen the results and mistakes people make in ebooks we’ve bought ourselves, and you don’t want people complaining in the reviews. Faults in the layout and configuration will tarnish your book’s image. We will do it right.

Independent ebook file generation for sale from your own web site

Files generated by Smashwords, for Kindle via Amazon.com and iBooks cannot be sold outside of those venues. If you can sell ebooks on your own web site as well you get a larger profit margin, so it’s good to include that. We can prepare independent Kindle, epub, Kobo and other files to enable you to do that.

Web site setup for your writing project

Nowadays, a web site is essential to have a complete presence in the world as an author. We will set you going with a beautiful site using WordPress that can including any number of pages, contact form, blogging if you want, an image gallery, an online store and more. But don’t feel overwhelmed. We can set it up so it’s easier for you to use than you imagine. Read more here.

If you already have a web site but it’s just so so, we can do a complete conversion to bring it into the modern age. A web site that meets your visitors/customers expectations compared to other web sites adds one more feather in your cap as an author who has his/her act together.

Use the contact form or call today to find out how your vision for your book can become reality.