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Vegan~Licious™ is a book about everyone’s journey to health and wellness. The human body is designed to heal itself, we need only give it the opportunity. The information in Vegan~Licious™ will show you how to master the art of health building and successfully begin and maintain your healing process. Only the Best for you and your family!

We can eat ourselves back to vibrant health
when we eat Vegan~Liciously™• Easy to follow recipes, in Big print
• Glossary about those “unusual” ingredients
• All recipes and information indexed for easy reference
• Four, ready to serve ”Ethnic Menus” Appetizer, Entrée and DessertChoose from over 100 original recipes• No dairy / No eggs / Gluten Free
• No animal flesh of any kind
• No refined sugar
• No saturated fat / Low-no cholesterol

Learn How To:

• Detoxify and strengthen your immune system, naturally!
• Lose weight naturally, and keep it off!
• Lower blood pressure and increase your energy level!
• Look and feel healthier than ever before!
• Be a shining example of vibrant health and wellness!
• Choose a Healthy Lifestyle to live for the rest of your life!