Transforming the Global Biosphere: 12 Futuristic Strategies

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Elliott Maynard proposes a Transformative Revolution in the form of Twelve Futuristic Strategies for Planetary Management. Each “MetaStrategy” is a Key Global SocioEcological Paradigm, which provides graphic examples of major environmental problems, and proposes innovative solutions for reversing these destructive trends…through the application of Unique Alternative Technologies.

The Twelve MetaStrategies are essentially a Set of inspirational tools for Creative Thinking and Action, designed to promote an Environmentally Sustainable Future for the universal benefit of Humans, their Planetary Homeworld, and the Generations yet to come.

Despite the bad news regarding the negative impacts of human activities on the Global Environment, lesser-known alternative technologies exist, which can provide Clean Renewable Energy and Ecologically Sustainable Lifestyles for everyone on Earth. To achieve the practical realization of these New and Transformative Technologies, we must move beyond the entanglements and restrictions of 20th Century Thinking, and blaze Adventurous New Pathways into the Future. Together, we must find the courage to explore the possible applications of Alternative Leading-Edge Technologies, which exist outside the Scientific and Social Paradigms of the Past.

In the author’s words, “If these Twelve MetaStrategies can be successfully integrated into the Biological and Social Fabric of Planet Earth, Humans can successfully complete their Co-Evolutionary Journey into the Third Millennium and beyond…instilled with a renewed spirit of Enthusiasm, Enlightened Accomplishment, and Joyful Satisfaction for their new symbiotic relationship with Planet Earth and their Fellow Humans.”