Spirit of the Stones: A Retrieval of Earth Wisdom

Spirit of the Stones: A Retrieval of Earth Wisdom ebookeBook layout and preparation for publication through smashwords.com with distribution to multiple channels.

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Earth shares the spirit of its wisdom with us at all times. All we have to do is stop, be still and listen to the silent voice of the EarthSpeak!

In this true story, the author completes an ancient Earth assignment as a “secretary to the stones” to tap into the vital storehouse of wisdom to access the wealth of knowledge crucial to living in resonance with ourselves, our planet and beyond.

The ancient Rock beings have insights they now want to share with us about the importance of grounding our energy with Mother Earth. They speak of centering ourselves within the spin of world that surrounds us and to begin to merge the dualities within us that have kept us in separation from our greater selves.

They invite us to embody our fullest potential to manage the current global Earth changes and to embrace the sanctity of our own lives
and the sacred living sanctuary we call Mother Earth.