Our Sacred Garden ~ The Living Earth

Our Sacred GardeneBook layout and preparation for publication through smashwords.com with distribution to multiple channels.

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My new book Our Sacred Garden: The Living Earth is about awakening people to the devastation that we are perpetrating upon the Earth, and more importantly awakening to the Earth’s intense and luminous beauty. This magnificence is what we need to share, preserve and nourish. I offer the ‘garden’ as a simple means of changing ourselves, and changing the world. The ‘garden’ is a metaphor.

Despite worsening environmental news, there is a growing worldwide movement of people actually doing constructive things to help heal the Earth. My book is only one example of how people are beginning to recognize what we must do to survive. If we destroy our Earth, on which we ultimately depend, we cannot live.

The time of awakening is here; therefore, this book is finding its place. It was needed 20-years-ago, as were the prophetic writings of a great many authors (Thomas Berry, Wendell Berry, Loren Eiseley, Barry Lopez- to name only a few). Now the long planted seed of recognition is growing like the proverbial beanstalk.