Little Dove, Lakota Ancestor

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A mix of family history, historical fiction and intuitively received material, it’s a journey into other times and places. With her village destroyed by the Cavalry she went from tipi life to a fort, to her marriage and a plantation, survived the Civil War and toured Europe. Rich in humor, romance and Native wisdom teachings it gives one a profound feeling for the Native American spirit.

Appearance of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman, Wonders of Ancient Greece, Reincarnation, Shape-shifting, star contact, The Magic of Sedona, Arizona…

All are part of the kaleidoscope that makes up this colorful tale. Part true family history, part historical fiction, part channeled material, it takes the reader on a fascinating journey into other times and places. After Little Dove’s village was destroyed by the Cavalry, and she was captured in the Tetons, she went from tipi life to living on a plantation in Mississippi. Helping an escaped slave, the Civil War, and the start of the KKK are part of the saga.

Sakina Blue-Star was not told about her Native American Heritage. How she found out, and why the information was withheld, are related in this book. It is a combination of family memoir and messages received from the spirit of her Great Grandmother, Little Dove, a Lakota (Sioux) who married a Choctaw-Cherokee, and their daughter, Sara.

Woven into the fabric of this story are adventure, humor, romance and Native wisdom teachings. Little Dove reminisces about life among the plains Indians before her capture by the feared Wasichu, and life at a fort; and tells of her marriage and move to the South, the Trail of Tears, and the Civil War.

Twenty Years after the Civil War, Little Dove, her husband and their daughter Sara toured England, Scotland, France, Italy and Greece. Sara delighted the Greeks with her knowledge of Ancient Gods and Goddesses, especially Athena.

Returning to America, the family visits Chief Sitting Bull, the Hopi people in Arizona, and the land of Nawanda (Sedona), sacred to all the tribes of Turtle Island (North America). Many years later Sara’s granddaughter, Blue Star, returns to this wondrous place where she receives guidance and messages from her ancestors.