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Book description:

Heal from the Inside Out was written to answer questions from clients and outlines a complete system of Healing and a Lifestyle you can follow for Life! Cleanse and Detoxify the easy way. Give yourself the gift of life, Your Wellness! Regain the health you deserve!

“We are already perfect, whole and complete.”

The human being truly heals when the internal environment becomes alkaline, free from toxicity. This is accomplished by reducing the amount of acid forming foods and life-depleting thoughts indulged in. Along with tools to help our client’s mental-emotional well being, our programs concentrate in helping open the main channel of elimination, the colon and then detoxify the liver and gallbladder. The wisdom within will miraculously yield us a balanced state of health.

We are dedicated to providing education, therapies and services that teach and empower our clients to live a healthy, balanced life so they may find the wisdom within that will facilitate optimal health and wellness to prevail.

IMAGINE… your health is radiant in every way. You are mentally clear and emotionally balanced, you have increased and vibrant energy levels throughout the day. Your lungs breathe fully and deeply, your cells are bathed in nourishment, you are at your ideal weight, your skin is clear, your digestion, assimilation and elimination are on track, and you wake up every morning alive and totally refreshed.

This is not just a hope or a dream, but a living reality. At the Digestive Wellness Center in Sedona, Arizona we can help you remember what feeling well is all about. We offer complete cleansing, detoxification, regeneration and a new beginning.

Whatever detoxification program you choose to follow, a change in diet alone may not yield the desired results. Most of us are just too toxic. To significantly detox and rebuild, some supplemental help from herbs, whole green food supplements, essential oils, enzymes and intestinal cleansers is necessary. Heal from the Inside Out, outlines a regimen of supplementation, which utilizes the very best products we have found.