Awakening The Children of The Light

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Join Michael and Dianna as they move through their training in Divine Science and music, in the Christian and Sufi traditions to bring a new music designed by the Source to wake up the Children of Light – humankind. The Children have slept, unaware of their true purpose for millennia, having been pressed upon by those who challenge them to remain as sheep to their own desires for power.

Each child, as they grow through their training, comes to mastery of the ways of their respective traditions as well as through some of the wonderful and frightening experiences in their lives. As Earth and humankind finally come to the time of the cosmic shift of the ages, the time was right, and they each were brought to full remembrance of their reason for being on the Earth at this time, their purpose together as Souls in Sacred Union, to facilitate the transformation of Earth and Humankind – the Children of Light – at this time of grand change at the Turn of the Age.