Smart Author Self-Promotion in the Modern Age

mediastreetsignFotolia_41393407_XS_enlgdIs your crowd of a certain age group? Find out where they look on the web and in their daily lives. All interest groups have a place on the web, but because the web doesn’t just have everything out front to notice it you will need to do a bit of digging. Find the sites that draw traffic for your topic. You can place image ads to get noticed there. Social forums like facebook and and specific forums are great, but be sure to abide by the rules on advertising.

Print news, magazines, trade publications and sites, tradeshows and fan conventions are all valid vectors. You just have to find the one’s that mean the most for your work.

Two things that are especially good to attract attention are podcasts and videos, either your own or being a guest on a show that’s already popular. The latter will bring you the most result in a shorter time, but consider your own creations to flesh out your presence.

If your book is of local interest you will need to market it where the locals look and where tourists/travellers will find it. This can be gift shops, the local interest section in book shops, and web sites that cater to those interests.

So, to summarize:

While you do have a great idea for a book, as you begin work on it – or even at any point – think carefully about that genre and topic and build in what those readers will be expect, plus your own amazing perspective and gift.

In promoting your book, know what people buy – an experience and benefit, not just a product. Convey the benefit and or pleasure they will get from your title.

And look for your future fans where they ‘live’ and shop. Having a great work is a blessing unless it’s not placed in front of the right people.

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