Smart Author Self-Promotion in the Modern Age



Today’s opportunities for self-publishing have opened up a world of opportunities to anyone who wants to publish a book, but few people have the resources to try anything and everything to see what will work to get a particular book to sell well.

Those who can afford more of the tried and true methods of promotion or to hire a professional publicist will have a measure of success if the title being promoted is of good quality. Certainly, paying for exposure to many millions of potential readers can result in many thousands of sales. But not everyone can do that. A majority of you reading this will be on a stricter budget and need to work smart.

If you are an author who already has a devoted following and good reputation, your next work of quality will have a much higher chance of success. You don’t need to try as hard because your reputation sells your work. While some established authors can shift to self-publishing, new authors often start there and have to rely on their wits and some wisdom to make a splash with a new title.

Whether you are just beginning or have been working to promote your book for a while now there are some critical questions you need to answer in order to be effective and reach the most people.

Ask yourself –

  • What does your work give your readers?
  • What are those people like?
  • Where do they find titles?
  • How do you attract their attention?

In order for your title to sell to your satisfaction without you wasting your precious funds on the wrong methods, you need to start off knowing your audience and knowing them well. You may even start thinking about this as you are just starting to plan your work, but it’s never too late.

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