Creating an Audience and a Following

create an audience for your bookNow think about going into a store where nobody greets you, or maybe imagine there are no people in the store. It’s all self-serve electronics. Contrast that to being nicely greeted by the owner of a small shop.

Now what do you do for your book? Build a place to meet your public. If you have a story to tell, a topic or genre and knowledge that is of interest to people, you may do very well to develop your video blogger talents and build a YouTube or Vimeo or other such channel. Video and podcasting will present you as a person and give people a feel for who you are and what you know or have to say.

Blogging is great also, and strongly recommended to build interest, but in our day and age people like bite size culture and information. They like automation, so video and podcast are a strong vector for getting the word out. People share videos more than ads or articles about books or anything, and you can mention your books and related products in them. You can also do response videos to draw some of the viewers from other channels with similar topics.

Podcasting can also be great, but not as many people are acclimated to listening to podcasts. If you think you can produce a podcast of interest twice a month, that’s good, but you have to get it notices as well, and it’s a great alternative or additional medium for the audio from your videos that people can enjoy while driving or doing other things.

Think about it. Get a camera or use your phone camera to play around with it with courage and a sense of adventure. You may really like it.

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