Creating an Audience and a Following

create an audience for your bookPeople are tired of insincere sales efforts that are just about getting them to spend money on a product. We have all been exposed to that for years, so if you can get out of that ‘gimme’ mentality and become something else – a giver – you will stand out in people’s memories. There is a very profound saying, “What goes around, comes around.” That applies to selling your book. You want to have the mentality that your book is a contribution to people’s lives, that it’s valuable in itself, regardless of your desire or need to make money (back) from it. You wrote it because you love the information or ideas in it, because you love writing, and because you would like to improve your income through it, but keep your focus on how it’s a gift or benefit to people’s lives, not just a source of money.

That brings us to how you become a giver in their lives, and that is through relationship. Be a person, not just a salesperson. Build relationships, not just sales. Even professional salespersons know that repeat customers come back because of your personalized professional relationship with them. They kind of know you, know a bit about you, and have a feeling they like and trust you because of that, so they come back, and they tell their friends.

So how do you do this? He finally answers: build community. Where? I recommend video and podcasting. Think of web sites you have seen where there was an intro video by the proprietor saying hello. Not some slick actor doing what amounts to an impersonal ad. You got to see the real person being real and honest and saying hi, welcome to my web site and here’s my stuff. Contrast this to going to a web site that has no video. It’s okay, but not quite as welcoming and personal.

And now…

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