When you want to say something to the world, you need a way to do it. Modern publishing gives you that.

Recent Work

Star Father Design's works include print and ebook layout and management, as well as web site design using Wordpress. Here are some examples of our book projects. See "Book Clients" on the top menu for more.

Love and Other Disappointments: On Dangerous Ground

<p>Love and Other Disappointments is a self-illustrated book of poetry by author R. D. R. Nevara. It is her first foray into sharing and amply revealing the fearless poetic self-expression of her innermost emotional strata. Her poetry is intensely personal, fiercely honest and tongue-in-cheek.</p>

Little Dove, Lakota Ancestor

<p>eBook and Print layout. A mix of family history, historical fiction and intuitively received material, it’s a journey into other times and places. With her village destroyed by the Cavalry she went from tipi life to a fort, to her marriage and a plantation, survived the Civil War and toured Europe. Rich in humor, romance and Native wisdom teachings it gives one a profound feeling for the Native American spirit.</p>

Mayan Sacred Count of Days

<p>Like Lynn Andrews in her shamanic classic Medicine Woman, Abby Isadora Haydon plunged into the world of Mayan culture and spirituality through her relationship with Ian Xel Lungold. The now deceased Mayan calendar scholar and jeweler took Abby on a mystical journey filled with adventure and peril.</p>

More About Our Company

My name is Eric J. Tischler, and I have been a web designer and book designer since 1996. I have always had a passion for books of all sorts. I myself have several book projects in the works or planned. For many years I dreamed of publishing my own works, even thought of learning bookbinding by hand.

When the Internet came on the scene, my passion for communication, writing and publishing found a wonderful outlet. Now I get to live that dream, designing books and covers for you, putting my years of computer graphic work to use in an area of creativity I love. I know what it’s like for you, having a message, a story, a passion to share. Whether in print, ebook or web, I will be glad to help you make your dream come true also.

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